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Most Unique And Popular Silver Gift Ideas For A Christening

Most Unique And Popular Silver Gift Ideas For A Christening

A christening is a special milestone for a new family, and it’s important to mark the occasion with a special silver gift. It’s a lasting reminder of the special event and is often the first piece of jewellery that a child will ever own. Ireland is renowned for its excellent craftsmanship and high-quality materials. In fact, Irish jewellery has been highly sought after for centuries due to its intricate designs and beautiful appearance.

We have a rich history of gifting silver as a way to give congratulations and show love to friends and family welcoming a new baby into their lives. If you’re looking for the perfect silver gift for a christening, keep reading to learn more about traditional and popular christening gifts from Ireland.


Traditional Silver Christening Gifts from Ireland

The traditional Irish gift is a blend of culture and sentiment, and it’s important to get it just right. Silver is also a popular choice for a christening gift in Ireland. Tierney’s Gifts have a wide range of silverware gifts for babies, from brands like Newgrange Living to Newbridge Silverware.

To help you find the perfect gift for your upcoming christening, here’s a guide to the most popular traditional silver christening gifts.


christening cup


Christening Cup

Many traditional christening gifts come from Ireland and a christening cup is one of them. This small, ornate cup is used to celebrate the beginning of a child's life. The christening cup has been a part of Irish culture for centuries and is seen as a symbol of unity and strength. It’s typically placed on the altar during the christening ceremony to remind everyone of the commitment each person makes to the child.

The cup is seen as an outward sign of protection for the baby, and a reminder to the godparents of their responsibilities. In recent years, modern christening gifts have been gaining popularity, but the christening cup remains a much-loved traditional gift. Newbridge Silverware has created the most beautiful, silver-plated christening gift cup, available online at Tierney’s Gifts. It’s a great idea if you’re looking for a personalised gift as the child’s Godmother or Godfather.


christening bracelet


Christening Bracelet

Another traditional silver gift is the christening bracelet. This beautiful bracelet is usually made of sterling silver, although gold and other precious metals are also available. It’s a timeless piece that can be passed down from generation to generation, creating a classic piece of jewellery that will be cherished for years to come. Often, the child’s name and the date of baptism are engraved into the bracelet. These bracelets are usually decorated with an intricate design of Celtic knots and Irish symbols for a delightful and unique look. This can be anything from a clover to a harp, or even a Celtic cross.

A christening bracelet is a perfect way to show your love and appreciation for your little one, and it’s something that they can keep forever. Whether you’re looking for something intricate and detailed, or a timeless and simple design, you’re sure to find the perfect bracelet with Tierney’s Gifts.


christening claddagh


One of the most popular gifts to commemorate the christening day is the silver Claddagh ring. The Claddagh is a traditional Irish symbol, the name of which is derived from a fishing village near Galway. The gift of a Claddagh ring is meaningful and appropriate for the christening of a baby. The ring symbolises friendship, love, and loyalty- three essential qualities for a growing baby to develop and maintain throughout their life.

The ring is worn by the baby during the christening ceremony and can remain with them throughout their life. The Claddagh ring also creates a link between the baby and his or her family’s Irish heritage. It is, therefore, a wonderful way to honour their ancestral roots while also celebrating the new life they bring into the world.



Popular Christening Gifts in Ireland


First Tooth and First Curl boxes


Silver Keepsake Boxes

A keepsake box is a great way to store and keep the special memories of your loved one’s special day. Parents can put photos, cards, religious symbols or other mementoes in it and it’s a wonderful reminder of the day. Some perfect examples of keepsake boxes include:


Silver Elephant Money Bank


Photo Frames and albums christening

Photo Albums and Frames

Photo albums and frames are a great way to capture memories of this special time in life and will make a lasting impression. At the end of the day, the best christening gift is one that is thoughtful, unique and will stand the test of time. That’s why an album or silver photo frame is an ideal christening gift to consider giving.

One of our best-selling christening gifts is this wonderful silver bear double frame by Newbridge Silver.


Willow Tree christening



Ornaments make great Christening gifts for a few reasons. Not only are they small and easy to transport, but they’re usually very affordable too! As the child’s Godfather or Godmother, you can get a nice, personalised gift, even when on a budget! The options are endless, and an ornament is a great way to commemorate the day.


Genesis - ‘The Christening’ bronze sculpture


Some beautiful ornaments available at Tierney’s Gifts include the Willow Tree - New Life piece, Genesis - ‘The Christening’ bronze sculpture, and our Silver Brush and Comb Set.


  Silver Brush and Comb Set.


No matter what gift you choose to give, make sure it is something that will be treasured and remembered for years to come. After all, christenings are special moments that should be celebrated and commemorated. As you build a family home and fill it with beautiful family heirlooms, be sure you’re protected with great home insurance in Ireland.

Choose a beautiful, meaningful, and unique gift from our vast range of both traditional and modern silver christening gifts at Tierney’s. Whether you’re a family member or the baby’s godmother, you’ll be sure to make this day extra special for the proud parents and baby with a personalised gift from Tierneys. Visit our website today to see our full range of silver christening gifts.


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