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Looking for a good way to connect with your clients and cement relationships? Think Golf! Spring is just around the corner and the weather is about to improve (we hope!). So now’s the perfect time to get ahead of other commitments clients might have and give them the heads up to pencil your event in their diaries.

Whether you play golf yourself or not – no doubt someone on your team does - and you can be sure a lot of your important clients are only delighted for an excuse to head off early from work and hit the golf course ….  


Why host a Corporate Golf Day?

  • Deepen business relationships – a round of golf is an ideal opportunity for quality time with clients and a chance to make new business connections
  • Explore business opportunities – there’s a lot of time out there playing 18 holes and it’s a great way to have a relaxed chat about future opportunities.
  • The knock-on marketing effect – you will have plenty of communications with clients about the event and maybe the opportunity to use it for social media marketing and blogging afterwards.
  • We all need an escape - a golf outing is relaxing and fun; no matter how bad the golf gets!


So how to organise a golf outing?

If you’ve done it before, you’ll know that there can be a bit of work around organising a golf outing. But it’s not rocket science! This article will help you tick all the boxes and here are some ideas for each stage of the event;

1 Before the Golf Outing

2 On the Day

3 Post Golf Entertainment

4 After the event  


Golf Outing: Before the Day

The key to success here is good comms. Make sure everyone knows their tee times, where they have to be when, any local rules etc. Don’t assume everyone gets and reads their emails; ask each client to confirm their attendance and it’s well worth giving them a quick call the day before to make sure they are on track to come along.

Similarly, make sure you call the golf club to double-check all arrangements.

In terms of the course and the format of the golf outing – top tip - make it all as easy as possible! You want them to enjoy it so playoff the easier tees, or play the easier course etc.

Also, you can be sure that some players will let you down on the day, so have a few “subs” ready to hand and arrange a flexible playing format to accommodate this; if you don’t have many subs, four balls can be tricky as one player dropping out can rule out that team from featuring in the prizes – stick to three balls if you can.

Finally organise your prizes, goody bags for the golfers and competition rules all well in advance – this will take a lot of stress out of the organisation.  


Golf Outing: On the Day

On the day, if you are playing yourself, try and enjoy the game as best you can. Make sure you have someone else there helping to organise players, showing the timesheet, handing out the competition rules and course cards etc.

Be strategic about choosing playing partners. You want to optimise the commercial opportunity so make sure you get to play with the best clients in this context. But equally don’t go overboard on the business talk – your clients accepted the golf invited to enjoy a day away from work; so be guided by their conversation and perspective.  


Golf Outing: Post Golf Entertainment

After battling it out on the Golf course, it’s great to sit down, unwind and share some golf-war stories! Depending on the time of the day, your clients will expect some hospitality - this might include a lunch, some drinks and snacks or a full evening meal. Golf clubs are pretty good at taking care of these arrangements so be guided by their recommendations.

And as people relax, this is an ideal chance to make a short speech, remind them of your brand and share out the golf prizes. It’s a great idea to personalise these with your logo because this is something they will either take home or keep handy in their golf bag, so it’s really good branding. Similarly, it’s a lovely idea to present an engraved Golf Award.

Remember to take lots of pictures and circulate them amongst clients and on your comms (with their permission) – people love looking at photo’s and seeing business people they know in a more relaxed, fun setting.

Tierneys Gifts have loads of different options when it comes to Golf and Sports prizes – including famed replicas such as the Gold Ryder Cup and the Claret Jug in both Crystal, and Nickel; these will really wow any big golf fans! But there are lots of other options too – call now and we can make this aspect of the event the very easiest thing to organise.

Yours in Golf,

Michael Tierney  

Tierneys Golf


Golf Outing: After

Following up with your clients, post-event, is always a smart move. It’s an opportunity to continue with any business-related topics that may have occurred during the Golf outing. Also, getting feedback is a great way to build upon an existing relationship but also to improve the event for the next time.

Perhaps, there was social media / content which you can use to build awareness. Depending on the size of the event and if there were awards – this is all great content for you and your clients.

If you would like any further advice when it comes to Golf prizes and awards for your corporate golf outing, then please contact us or call into one of our stores.

Many of our products can be personalised with your logo or message. Availability subject to minimum quantity purchase please contact a member of our sales team to view our entire collection or to place an order.