employee recognition


Great companies know that their employees are the heart of the business.


When employees feel appreciated for their work, they not only become more engaged in what they are doing but they feel more positive towards the company. If nurtured, that positivity can spread like wildfire throughout their team and eventually the wider company. A happy and engaged workforce will translate to higher productivity and ultimately higher profits… who doesn’t want that?

If you want your company to be performing to the best of its ability, a happy workforce is essential!

So how can you do it…? Contrary to popular belief money is no longer a top motivator for employees. A Cicero study back in 2015 found that employees reported that their own drivers of great work were 37% “Recognise Me”, while only 7% put it down to higher pay. And this trend hasn’t changed in recent years, with many surveys re-enforcing these findings.


Drivers of great work

Source: Cicero: Employee Performance: What Causes Great Work?


Why You Should Be Incorporating Employee Recognition in Your Business



Make employees happier

By recognising your staff for their accomplishments, you are telling them you appreciate them and their input. Acknowledgements like these can give them the feeling of job satisfaction and show them that they are a great fit for their role and for the company.

And we know happy employees are productive employees. When people are happy in their work it becomes more than just a job. Employees will be much more engaged in the company mission and often more loyal to the business.


Improve employee retention

Besides wanting a happy culture generally, it also has key benefits for an area that many businesses often struggle with - employee retention. In today’s global climate full of opportunities, young people are more open to making regular job and career changes than ever before!

So, you have to work at making your team want to stay with you. Hiring someone is just the start of a journey, it’s vital to continue the employee life cycle by training, developing and motivating the team all the way through their time in your business.

And the survey says it all; a great way to motivate staff is through incentive programs or employee recognition gifts. A token of appreciation for hard work or accomplishments is a fantastic way to demonstrate you value them and in turn, build company loyalty.


Cultivate a culture of self-improvement

Company culture is a hot topic at the moment and it can play a major role in not only attracting new employees, but also with how your current employees interact with and approach their work.

Employee recognition in the workplace can be the foundation for cultivating a culture of self-improvement. One of the best approaches in staff recognition is to provide them with opportunities to learn and to make themselves better at what they do.


Boost morale

And it’s important that this recognition comes from the top. The way business leaders manage employees also plays a significant role in employee motivation. Letting your staff know their hard work is being recognized by the owner or by management at the top level will really make a difference to motivational levels. Receiving appreciation for work right from the very top can help employees to feel part of the team effort and more loyal to the business and its goals.

If you’re looking for a way to show your employees that you value them, why not start by awarding a gift of appreciation to someone you feel deserves it! An unexpected gift, given openly in recognition of great work is something your star performers won't expect – or forget. Here at Tierneys Gifts we offer an array of awards which can be engraved and personalised to express your appreciation!

Try it – we bet you’ll be surprised at the big impact a thoughtful gift can make – even in a commercial context.