Nativity sets to adore this Christmas

The Nativity scene is a classic part of our festive Christmas repertoire. It’s fundamental to the celebration of Christmas, and a beautiful nativity set can tell the whole story of the day in an instant.At Tierneys Gifts this year, we have some classic Christmas Nativity scenes from renowned brands, which we are sure you will love!Let’s take a look...... 

Willow Tree Nativity set

It’s hard to beat the simplicity, beauty and meaning of a Willow Tree gift. This Christmas, we’re delighted to be able to bring our customers a fantastic range of nativity figurines from the Willow Tree collection. This stunning 6-piece nativity set captures the awe and wonder of the Christmas story. The simple lines of each figurine give a refreshing perspective to the Christmas story.At just €126, it’s a timeless classic nativity set that you can treasure into the future.Willow Tree Nativity set


You can complement this Willow Tree Nativity set by adding the shepherd and stable animals, the Three Wise Men, and an Ox and Goat.  

Genesis Nativity set

Another stunning way to portray the Christmas story is with Genesis’ beautifully hand-crafted bronze nativity scene. Oozing in classic style, this is a set that you could easily keep on display all year round.Priced at just €119.95 – it would make a meaningful addition to your home this Christmas. 

Genesis Nativity set

 You can also complement this with the Genesis Holy Family Crib; again hand crafted and bronze, this is built to last and it brings together the nativity set beautifully. It’s sure to draw attention and admiration from friends and family!  

Belleek Classic Nativity Set

If you would like a more traditional looking but highly charming nativity set, then Belleek have some classic options. Accompanied by the stable and star, this nativity set has all the iconic elements that have traditionally played their part in our Christmas memories. It’s a nativity set that you and your children can treasure at home, or it makes a great gift that your loved ones can enjoy year after year. And it comes at a great price, at just €129.

Belleek Classic Nativity Set

In addition to the stunning stable classic, you can add the Three Kings set to the display. Exquisitely hand-crafted by expertly talented craftspeople at the Belleek pottery Factory, this is a great way to complete your nativity scene and add more interest and tradition to the display.

Lladro Nativity figurines

Arguably the most upmarket and stylish way to depict the Christmas scene, Lladro products are brimming with class and elegance. Sold individually, each piece is a breath-taking depiction of the classic nativity characters.  This timeless representation includes Saint Joseph, little Jesus and Mary, all of which are designed in true Lladro classical style.Starting at €75 for the little Jesus figurine, you can buy a full set or add to your collection over time, which is a lovely Christmas tradition in many homes.


Nao Nativity Figurines

If you like Lladro, then you are sure to also appreciate our beautiful range of Nao figurines. These figurines are styled in a similar fashion to Lladro; however they are a little less expensive. Nao have created a very sweet nativity set – called the Nao Porcelain Nativity Set.  Produced in Valencia, Spain; each piece is meticulously crafted by the Valencian Artisans to create unique designs.  Made with love, care and a delicate touch – these are lovely pieces that you’ll treasure year after year. And of course, they can be displayed year-round too.Starting from €55, for Baby Jesus – why not start collecting your nativity figurines this year, or treat yourself or friends to a full set, which can be enjoyed for many years to come.  

 Nao Figurines Virgin Mary

If you are looking to buy a nativity set and would like some advice or to see the pieces in person, please contact us or drop into one of our stores where are staff would be delighted to help you.