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Take Time to Choose Christmas Gifts

Hard to believe that it`s nearly Christmas. The shops have been getting busier earlier and earlier, and you might be feeling stressed thinking about Christmas presents for all the family. But Christmas doesn’t have to be a major hassle and don’t panic - you`ve definitely got more time than you think. Instead of rushing to get it all done in one go, allocate some down-time just to plan what you are going to buy. It’s easy to do this now with our online store which allows you to browse and either shop online or simply plan your shopping in the comfort of your own home. This gives you time to choose meaningful gifts that your family and friends will love!In fact Tierney`s have a great selection of Christmas gifts and many of them are at really great prices too – you’ll be surprised at the quality of the brands and products you can buy at such low costs! Here are a few ideas….. And with this amount of sparkle and shine, whoever gets these gifts will treasure them into the future! 

Absolute Jewellery Rose Gold Bracelet

Absolute Jewellery Rose Gold Bracelet    This gorgeous Bracelet from Absolute Jewellery is a brilliant Christmas gift idea for anyone who enjoys the shinier things in life! This Bracelet is decorated with Swarovski Crystals and will add a little glam to any outfit. To make it even better it’s only €45 Euro!    

Equilibrium Disc Necklace (Silver)

  Equilibrium Disc Necklace (Silver)This Equilibrium Necklace will definitely get noticed at the Christmas Party. If Christmas gift ideas are on your mind, you need look no further. In fact Equilibrium is a word that holds meaning for most people – especially at Christmas – so this necklace would make a great Secret Santa idea! It’s also presented beautifully and is bound to raise a smile when its opened.All this at a fantastic price of €25!    

Signature Silver May Birthstone Pendant (Emerald)

  Signature Silver May Birthstone Pendant (Emerald)A Christmas gift that’s specifically relevant to the person receiving it is always special - and it couldn`t get more personal than this! This Emerald May birthstone is delicately made and at only €35 it’s sure to be a gift that you`ll be sad to give away!     


Newbridge Silver Circular Necklace & Bracelet Set

Newbridge Silver Circular Necklace & Bracelet SetNewbridge Silverware are well known for their beautifully created Jewellery sets.  These sets are easy to wear and add a little sophisticated glamour to any outfit. This makes them great to wear both day and night and this stunning set is a good example of that -  perfect for a special event, but also nice for those days where you want to add a bit of sparkle to your look. For the set - only €40!    

Newbridge Silver Flower Earrings (Clear Stone)

Newbridge Silver Flower Earrings (Clear Stone)These earrings from Newbridge Silverware would make a great stocking filler, but a pretty fancy one at that! Delicately crafted silver with a flower design, and a stone that`s crystal clear, these earrings are very elegant!And hard to believe - they`re only €20.     Christmas Jewellery gifts are a great idea as they are both luxurious and practical, and you’ve plenty of wonderful options to choose from.Here are a few more of our favourite pieces:Check out this Ladies Watch from Newbridge Silverware, the Crystal Stone Set Infinity Pendant in Rose Gold from Tipperary; or these beautiful Silver Set Earrings.The beauty of it all is that you can relax, browse online and either buy now or visit one of our stores. Happy shopping – the easy way! Want to see these products up-close before buying? Drop in to one of our stores and our helpful staff will answer any questions you have to help you with your decision.