Mother`s Day Gifts She’ll Love!

Mother's Day Gifts


A Few Gift Ideas To Think About  

We know – hard to believe Mother’s Day has crept up on us again but here we are. Luckily at Tierneys Gifts, we’ve got you covered, so this year Mother’s Day is nothing to stress about! We’ve got gifts that will say it all  - ‘Thanks Mam’, “Lots of Love” and “You are Appreciated!” With hands-on retail experience for many decades and a lot of Mother’s Days under our belt – we’ve selected the most popular gifts that are guaranteed to put a smile on her face. 


Nao Figurines Light Of My Days 

Nao figurines Light of my light


This Nao porcelain figure comes all the way from Valencia in Spain. It is handmade and hand painted with great care, by some of the finest artisans in Valencia.  This 16 x 18cm figure shows a mother lovingly holding her young child, sure to make your mother tear up a bit!  

This beautiful figurine is priced at €95. 







Genesis Mother & Child 

Genesis Mother & Child

Made from fine cold-cast bronze, with an incredible attention to detail, this figure from Genesis was made by some amazing craftsmen from Genesis Fine Arts. This figure is 30cm in height and depicts a mother holding up her young child.  

This figure is priced at €79.95. 








Lladro Figurines Little Ducks After Mother 

 Lladro Figurines Little Ducks After Mother



Another figure from the Lladro artisans in Valencia, this little ducks figurine is made from fine porcelain by sculptor Juan Huerta. Standing at 10 x 12cm in size, this figure shows some little ducklings following their mother.  

This figure is priced at €130.  






Sharon Nowlan Collection Big and Little 

 Sharon Nowlan Collection Big and Little



This Mother`s Day idea has more of a personal touch to it, as Sharon Nowlan began crafting pieces like this after her son gave her some little pebbles, which she saw as little ‘gifts’. Nowlan makes pieces like this to commemorate special relationships and milestones in one’s life, so it couldn`t be more perfect for a Mother’s Day gift idea.  






Willow Tree Mother & Daughter

Willow Tree Mother & Daughter



Demonstrating the unique sentiments between mother and daughter, this eloquently designed piece captures brilliantly the special bond. Hand carved by Susan Lordi, its an poignant gift for any mother from her daughter. 

Price is €44  






Willow Tree Mother and Son

Willow Tree Mother and Son



Another piece from Willow Tree, this gift shows a mother holding her son. The boy is about 9 or 10 and is a heart-warming piece to acknowledge and celebrate the special bond between  mother and son.

This figure is priced at €44.  







Tipperary Crystal Quilted Shoulder Bag 

Tipperary Crystal Quilted Shoulder Bag



Mainly known for their jewellery line, this stylish shoulder bag by Tipperary sees the brand bringing their design expertise into the fashion world, and it`s definitely going to be a hit this mother`s day!  

This classic bag is priced at €60.  







Tipperary Crystal Continuance Watch (Rose Gold) 



A popular jewellery piece from Tipperary, this Continuance Watch in rose gold is sophisticated, practical and beautiful. Sure to be a big hit this Mother’s Day! 

This gift is priced at €50.  









Tipperary Crystal Silver Necklace & Earrings Set 

 Tipperary Crystal Silver Necklace & Earrings Set



Tipperary Crystal is known for their amazing jewellery pieces, and this necklace and earrings set is no exception. Elegant and refined, this gift is perfect for Mother`s Day.   

This stunning set is priced at €60.  







Newbridge Silver Necklace Multi Coloured Stone 


Newbridge Silver Necklace Multi Coloured Stone


This stone-encrusted necklace is another top-quality piece from Newbridge Silverware. Full of colour with pastel pink, green, champagne and purple stones, this piece is a Mother`s Day gift with real class.  

This piece is priced at €125.  







All of these Mother`s Day gifts can be bought online right now to save you any hassle and we have set up a click and collect service so that you can collect your gift in time!